About TEG
Top Expo Group (TEG) for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, is a pioneering and leading company in the organization and management of exhibitions and conferences in the State of Kuwait. Through its specialized and professional personnel, it strives to develop the exhibitions industry by employing the newest technological methods and presenting unique service of high quality, guarantee in the success of its exhibitions and serving wide segments of customers and visitors.

As the exhibitions are considered an effective promotion method for many companies, TEG strives to organize specialized exhibitions throughout the year, fulfilling the needs of the public and granting at the same time, important profits to the exhibiting company, by opening new marketing channels to exhibit their products and projects to a wide range of serious visitors interested in the activities of the exhibitions

TEG is the product of the integration of its founders, in terms of the variety of their experience in management, marketing, exhibition organization, public relations‑ and advertising, all of which serve the exhibitions and exhibitors.

TEG by its management capabilities and experience seeks the development and progress of the concept of exhibition organization and wants to change it from the traditional form to a more modern form, in the design, execution, management and use of technology and advertising capabilities.

TEG follows an ambitious plan that serves it in seeking to offer professional services to the customer, understanding his different aims by participating in the company's exhibitions, beginning from introducing the company and its products and ending by promoting it to the public.

TEG insists on attracting the distinguished and leading companies for participating in its exhibitions. It seeks to offer special services to its customers, each according to his particular needs, assisting them in all possible ways to guarantee the success of their participation in our exhibitions, we consider our customers as our partners in success.
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